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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” — Helen Keller

At News Corp we believe that greater collaboration amongst individuals and organizations leads to more communities that are growing and thriving.

The Collaborative Impact?Award recognizes philanthropic programs that deliver exponential results by leveraging the power of collaboration.


NYCStrong is UWNYC’s strategy to help 50,000 New Yorkers make meaningful and measurable progress towards the pivotal milestone of self-sufficiency by 2025. Self-sufficiency is defined as having an income level necessary to meet basic needs, including housing, childcare, food, and emergency savings without relying on public assistance. Central to this strategy is UWNYC’s ReadNYC initiative, which unites schools, community-based service providers, and private organizations into a coordinated effort to help double the number of children reading on grade level by 3rd grade.?VISIT WEBSITE

Through our partnership with NYCStrong, we will launch 6 in-classroom libraries, providing over 55,000 books to 6 elementary schools in the next 5 years.